5 Most Durable Fibers For Rugs

5 Most Durable Fibers For Rugs

Barry Kenon 2022-05-23 06:05:49


Rugs are important and play an essential role in deciding the theme, and color and act as an anchor to the furniture. But several factors go into play when deciding on a rug. Questions such as which size fits the best in the room? Does it go well with the pre-existing furniture and most of it is going to be long lasting or will it wear out in a couple of years?

Deciding on the material is vital and one of the most important factors especially when you are looking for durable and long-lasting rugs. This is why It should come as no surprise that most of the fibers that make up the list are synthetic. We know that man-made rugs are pretty and expensive since they come in timeless styles and colors, however, their life span is limited and far less than rugs of synthetic fibers. Moreover, these rugs of natural fibers can last longer if treated the right way and protected from heat and exposure.

Naturally, rugs made of durable fabric belong to harsher surfaces such as laundry rooms, sunrooms, or heavily used areas such as lounge rooms. But this is not why rugs are for, their sole purpose isn`t just durable but also to add comfort and sophistication to the environment. And That is why today we bring you a list of fabrics that are not durable but also make up for great rugs, without further ado let`s dig into the list.


A fabric that features a silk look without corrupting your bank account is hard to find, however, nylon poses the aforementioned qualities at very reasonable pricing (no one can tell the difference just by looking at it.) It is resistant to abrasion, mildew, and static. Nylon is also the stretchy fabric that makes it perfectly fine to sit under furniture and still retain its shape when you move furniture around. It works great in the bathroom because it dries quicker than the rest of the rugs and can perform well in heavy foot traffic areas, making it a great option for the patio or outdoors. you can get these indestructible rugs, at an affordable price range. However, nylon tends to fade with time.

However, nylon tends to fade because most are acid-dyed, causing the yellowish color to pop out after wear and tear and several washes.


Polyester is usually inexpensive because it is made of synthetic fibers and it is enriched with a wide variety of patterns with which you can experiment, providing you with a huge range of options.

Wide variety of options, patterns, and colors. Due to its durable nature, polyester stands its ground against good traffic areas. Polyester is easy to clean which makes it the perfect option. For kid-friendly bathrooms and outdoors.

Apart from the not so luxurious feel, it soaks oil. Hence making the oil stains very hard to clean often which no amount of rubbing can take off.


This rug is solely made of natural fibers of the most durable kind often featuring a breaded pattern which makes it perfect for areas with foot traffic. You will often find them outdoors, in lounges and muddy rooms. Their neutral accent nature makes it perfect with furniture of all kinds while creating a texture in the room. For friends who love to be eco-friendly sisal rugs are a great option as they are completely biodegradable.

There are a few drawbacks to sisal rugs which include them being a bit harsh underneath the feet and it resorts to stains easily. It also doesn`t do well against water, which is why I would not recommend using sisal rugs in the kitchen.


If you are looking for a fabric that exhibits natural elegance, jute should be your ultimate choice. It comes with a blend of different fabrics and colors and immediately lifts the environment of the room with its cliched patterns. Jute rugs do not require a lot when it comes to maintenance. All you have to do is vacuum rugs now and then to keep them clean. However, be sure to keep it away from water as it will cause the mold to reside in, ruining your rug. Cleaning with shampoos and steaming is not an option when it comes to jute rugs. 


Best of both worlds, wool rugs are durable and comfortable. Perfect for dining, living and even bedrooms. The softness of the wool will deliver a luxurious feel to the feet yet its durable nature will cater to all the foot traffic it invites in. you can very well decide the course of your and play along with the theme as it is available in a versatile number of colors and patterns. 

However, avoid putting them in rooms with direct exposure to the sun as wool doesn`t work out well with the sun and tends to start losing colors with time. The price of wool rugs is also a bit higher than rugs made of synthetic materials. Nonetheless, it brings the ultimate comfort and luxe vibe you are trying to pull off and did I mention that these rugs are air and dust-resistant. 

How To Increase The Durability Of The Rugs

While we have discussed the possible rug fabrics that are more durable than other types of fabric. But nothing is inevitable and bound to meet its end, especially the things we do not take care of. Here are some common tips we came across from retailers and manufacturers of rugs to increase their lifespan.

  • Protect it from the sunlight as it can dangerously affect the fibers. Use curtains or tint your windows to reduce the effect of sun rays made on the carpet. Another way is to roll the carpet during the day hours if they are directly exposed to the sun, but it requires daily effort from the individuals.


  • Taking into consideration the foot traffic is essential to deciding on the fabric of rugs. Choose rugs made of synthetic fibers and make sure to rotate them evenly to increase the life and maintain the coherent look of the rugs.


  • You will be shocked to find out how many microorganisms reside inside the rugs, which is why it is essential to clean them on a day-to-day basis and make sure to keep them in well-ventilated areas.


  • Regular cleaning of rugs is necessary not only because it avoids infestation of microorganisms but the drops of food and drinks take a toll on the fibers of the rugs. However, be mindful of the vacuuming as deep cleaning fibers can also damage it, reducing its lifespan if done often.